Cultural Heritage in the Age of Big Data

A public symposium titled “Cultural Heritage in the Age of Big Data” will be hosted by Vanderbilt University Libraries Friday, June 1, bringing together archivists, librarians, digital humanists and public historians to discuss the ethical implications of preserving and providing access to culturally sensitive materials online.

“Our annual ‘Cultural Heritage at Scale’ symposia critically examine the technological infrastructure for describing and providing access to digital cultural heritage in a networked age,” says Clifford Anderson, associate university librarian for research and learning. “Our symposium this year will grapple with how to preserve cultural objects for future generations while respecting the rights and following the norms of the communities that created them.” Read more …

Clifford B. Anderson
Clifford B. Anderson
Theological Librarianship

My research interests include the study of algorithms as cultural artifacts, computational thinking in the humanities, large-scale textual analysis of narrative data, and the religious dimensions of intellectual property.